Monday, September 15, 2014

Theory On Coming Political Strategies:

I was writing a letter, a just bit of current events stuff, when I found myself at a reasonable conclusion that merits a bit wider dissemination. 
Right now, the US Export Import bank is set to have its charter expire on September 30. The bank is largely unpopular with the American People, and almost all grass roots political activism.
It's the major globalist political item of the month. It looks right now to sneak into the appropriations bill to fund the Government until December would likely push out authorization for the bank until mid next year.
While the bank is worth opposing for political reasons. It's also notable as a temperature test of Congress to see how much impact current political efforts are making. Undoubtedly this would have been reauthorized without much as a squeak from anyone a few years ago. Now it's a political problem for the Bank's supporters.

This is something that both OWS and Tea Party can easily agree on that this bank should not exist. So how and what occurs on this issue will be highly informative.
Keep in mind that globalists are making this strategic move with the Fed at the same time.

Now to say the two are directly related as one for the other is a bit overzealous though. There are numerous good reasons for the globalists to have the Fed to make this move; pressuring the economy to build support for the Ex-Im Bank is only one of them, and not the most significant. More likely it falls as one part of a broader strategy to attempt to discredit non-interventionist economic theory. And the Ex-Im Bank is only one small part of those objectives.
What this seems to be is a strategy fold into a likely bid by Hillary in 2015 whom, it has already been exposed, will be running, and will be running on a campaign based on 90's economic policy.

So then the overall trend of the opposition is to discredit the Libertarian movement which has footing in the base of both parties, to weaken their influence in the legislature, and position their prime Presidential candidate with an economic environment which just happens to match her campaign message. While at the same time, Republican Establishment party leaders are pushing for Jeb Bush or a Re-Run of Romney.
All is not bleak though. Right now Rand Paul is leading the primary polling. Which is probably why such an all encompassing strategy against Libertarianism looks to be in the works.

So our priority should be to discredit the strategy before it unfolds. 

Take it all for what it's worth. Probably as much as you payed for it.