Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Brace Yourſelf: Assume Little, Protect Yourſelf and Your Family, Stay Safe.

Occam's Razor....

In competing hypothesis, analyze the one which has the least assumptions. While more complicated solutions may be proven correct, however, in the absence of certainty, the simplest solutions should be entertained first.

Hanlon's Razor....

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.

I bring up the two most commonly used Razors for a reason. Not to encourage their use, as those who favor them need no encouragement, but to caution about their use. A razor is not proof of anything; it's merely a thought tool for choosing a hypothesis to investigate and certain pressing situations pre-suppose hypothesis while uncertainty about a situation remains preeminant.
Which brings me to today’s topic. The CDC’s actions, or lack thereof to be more accurate, placing 100’s of people, our fellow Americans, at risk because they refuse to be adequately cautious about a deadly communciable disease. 
1.       They have no adequate method for screening passengers traveling to Ebola hotspots. The methods currently used are inaccurate in that insufficiently symptomatic cases may not be detected, and since Ebola is fully assymptomatic for up to 20 days from infection. Simply screening without isolation is not adequate.   
2.       No travel restrictions are in place for traveling to or from areas with epidemics.
3.       For the one, and only one case of Ebola entry into the US so far: Two people have been confirmed subsequently infected by that single entering case. Those two people were infected in a healthcare facility NOT in an uncontrolled environment. Signalling that efforts to contain infection while in a hospital were not effective.
4.       Of the two people who were infected by the original case, a possible secondary infection by one of those persons is already suspected.

5.       One of the two people who was infected by the original case traveled to and from a neighboring state by air and was diagnosed the day after returning.

Some might be inclined to use Occam’s razor and say the CDC is trying to get us killed while maintaining the façade of their designated function. Others might use Hanlon’s and conclude the CDC is criminally incompetent at controlling the spread of infection. I’d like to at this point avoid all of that speculation as it just isn’t necessary right now and stick to the facts. In all of this the CDC has offered many, many, many reassurances, and yet their efforts are demonstrably inadequate. This is a singular warning. The CDC now has demonstrated nearly negligible ability to stop infection from entering the US and clear inadequacy of response to the first case of Ebola imported to the US. Two people will likely die, and 100’s are at risk because they did not adequately evaluate and control the risk of subsequent infection. The benefit of the doubt is officially exhausted; Until the CDC actually demonstrates some competency at controlling the spread of this outbreak, it would be imprudent to accept their reassurances. Until such competence and willingness for proper action is demonstrated, it is prudent to assume proper action won’t be taken and the risk of infection and spread of the virus is elevated accordingly. The first Ebola patient was identified on October 1st. We are already at a potential 3rd generation patient of this infection. At a generation cycle of one week, with each patient infecting 1.5 people, in 20 weeks infection has spread to over 3000 people. At 30 weeks it’s almost 200,000. If each patient infects 2 people at 20 weeks the infection has spread to over a million people. Watch the rate of infection and efforts of containment very closely. The CDC will laude its sucesses. Ignore them and keep track of the failures, we are only concerned about their failures; When the failures stop so will Ebola. No matter how much assuaging is going on in the official channels keep a realistic tab of how fast the virus is spreading, particularly if it is in your area. Don’t depend on the CDC to stop this; know your risks in your life like air travel, anticipate spread of the virus, and take action to protect yourself ahead of an epidemic in your area. 

BREAKING UPDATE: Patient that traveled by airline the day prior to being diagnosed ...


Now I know you Occam fans think this is a slam dunk for malice. I would suggest you read all the coverage. Government employee grade stupidity and incompetence with a dash of apathy are certainly not out of the question.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Theory On Coming Political Strategies:

I was writing a letter, a just bit of current events stuff, when I found myself at a reasonable conclusion that merits a bit wider dissemination. 
Right now, the US Export Import bank is set to have its charter expire on September 30. The bank is largely unpopular with the American People, and almost all grass roots political activism.
It's the major globalist political item of the month. It looks right now to sneak into the appropriations bill to fund the Government until December would likely push out authorization for the bank until mid next year.
While the bank is worth opposing for political reasons. It's also notable as a temperature test of Congress to see how much impact current political efforts are making. Undoubtedly this would have been reauthorized without much as a squeak from anyone a few years ago. Now it's a political problem for the Bank's supporters.

This is something that both OWS and Tea Party can easily agree on that this bank should not exist. So how and what occurs on this issue will be highly informative.
Keep in mind that globalists are making this strategic move with the Fed at the same time.

Now to say the two are directly related as one for the other is a bit overzealous though. There are numerous good reasons for the globalists to have the Fed to make this move; pressuring the economy to build support for the Ex-Im Bank is only one of them, and not the most significant. More likely it falls as one part of a broader strategy to attempt to discredit non-interventionist economic theory. And the Ex-Im Bank is only one small part of those objectives.
What this seems to be is a strategy fold into a likely bid by Hillary in 2015 whom, it has already been exposed, will be running, and will be running on a campaign based on 90's economic policy.

So then the overall trend of the opposition is to discredit the Libertarian movement which has footing in the base of both parties, to weaken their influence in the legislature, and position their prime Presidential candidate with an economic environment which just happens to match her campaign message. While at the same time, Republican Establishment party leaders are pushing for Jeb Bush or a Re-Run of Romney.
All is not bleak though. Right now Rand Paul is leading the primary polling. Which is probably why such an all encompassing strategy against Libertarianism looks to be in the works.

So our priority should be to discredit the strategy before it unfolds. 

Take it all for what it's worth. Probably as much as you payed for it. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

On Systems of Governance Remember the People

With a sufficiently moral people, any system of Governance will be just.

With a sufficiently immoral people, any system of Governance will be unjust. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Change at Mozilla

In the fall of 1995 I experienced the internet for the first time, like many, using a browser that combined the best elements of Mosaic and Godzilla, which would be marketed under the name Netscape, but today will be forever remembered for its code name Mozilla. I have used Mozilla based browsers the entire 19 years of my life that I have had access to the Internet, essentially, from when the internet became widely available to this day. All things must change it seems. For the high crime of daring to politically participate in a campaign to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, the CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, was run out of his position by our brave thought police. The particulars, he donated $1,000 dollars to support Proposition 8 in California which passed by popular vote before being struck down by a Judge.

Eich Co-Founded Mozilla when it broke away from Netscape and has served the company for 16 years. None of that matters because he donated $1,000 to a political cause because he believed marriage was only between a man and a woman. His crime against political correctness is far more grievous than any contribution that he made to Mozilla, as Chief Technology Officer or CEO.

As Mozilla Corp has decided to enforce the will of the thought police, today is the last day that any of their software will run on a computer under my control. I thought Mozilla was different, their commitment to the free software community and making the internet available to everyone was admirable. But today they show their true colors...only so long as you think approved thoughts.

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis actually responded to the announcement with this statement, "Mozilla's strong statement in favor of equality today reflects where corporate America is: inclusive, safe, and welcoming to all." [emphasis added]

1984 newspeak where "welcoming to all" means welcoming to those that think the right way.

For Mozilla's choice to not support the RIGHT of their employees to politically participate in a manner in accordance with their conscience they are true oppressors, the silent majority that will not stand up and therefore tacitly approves as the grip of tyranny crushes their neighbors. Such a silent majority, unwilling to take a stand, has been the critical element of every totalitarian regime in history. Goodbye Mozilla. You're one of them now.