Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Only Thing Left is to Tell You; "I Told You So"

A number of months ago (though unfortunately not very many posts ago) I wrote Thirty Four Senators as a warning about partisanship within the Senate and how only a very small amount of blind partisanship was needed to make a President untouchable by impeachment. I warned that a President unimpeachable was De Facto a dictator, capable of using all sorts of coercive powers, normally restrained to the enforcement of law, against political opposition.

Well well well. Here we are, and the EPA has been preferentially helping liberal groupsThe IRS has been targeting conservative and certain religious groups for not only harassment by virtue of audit, but also divulging of their private information. Sounds good right? This of course comes on the heels of Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asking various health industry companies for large sums of money....er donations...to fund Obamacare. Since Sebelius is the head of HHS or essentially the head regulator for these businesses, this is the equivalent of your County Sheriff knocking on your door and asking you for "donations".

But finally it all of that coercive power hit home when the Obama Regime (I can not bear to use the misnomer "administration" any longer) targeted the press. Using the DOJ to pull phone records of Associated Press reporters to look for a source.

Look at the above list, and that list is just some of the abuses that have happened: this list shows a systemic abuse of executive authority for political ends. You can't look at the whole, multiple instances across multiple departments, and not conclude that the problem did not originate at the Presidential level. 

We warned you: Socialism is not a natural state of man. It can only occur on small scale in encapsulated voluntary societies, or in a large scale society by coercion; Big brother must force it upon the people. We warned that this President was an ardent ideologue, willing to do anything to get his vision of a perfectly fair society and that coercion was coming, and in many cases that it was here. But you in the press turned away, still believing in your ideology, writing us off as paranoid and ignorant. You built up Obama to be unimpeachable. And now you, I, we, are stuck with him, no matter what he does, there is NO way to get the necessary votes to remove him from office. You can't tear him down, you simply don't have that power anymore. Even if you tried, you could not do it.

So you got a black eye AP, all you can do is wipe away your tear and try not to make him so angry next time, and maybe he won't hit you.

 I'm writing this, at the effective end of the Republic of the United States of America, and the dawning of the new American Dictatorship, not to entreat you to do the right thing and reverse this. That time has passed. Only to smugly say "I told you so." Now you have the same choice as the rest of us. Submit or be purged.