Friday, March 15, 2013

Ok Time to Take Down the Statue of Liberty

As most of you all know. The establishment of the United States started by those fleeing religious persecution in England. The United States has long granted Asylum to those seeking it from nations that persecuted them for their religious beliefs.

The modern story: A German family, unhappy with the curriculum of German public schools, (I know right? What possible objection could they have to a public school curriculum? Work with me here.) feeling that it taught values not in line with their faith began home schooling their kids. You can't home school in Germany. German government steps in, and tightens the bolts, imposing fines and at one point hauling the kids off in  police vans. After being told they faced permanently losing their kids. The family decided it was time to leave Germany. They came to the US and sought asylum on religious grounds. The Germans outlaw homeschooling according to their supreme court,

" counteract the development of religious and philosophically motivated parallel societies."

e.g. The admitted specific intent is to quash dissenting thought out of existence.

Enter the New United States:

Citing that Homeschooling was not a "Right" therefore not subject to requests for asylum.  The Obama State Department has denied asylum to the German family.

Now stop and think about that for just a second. Germany has ADMITTED, it uses the public school systems to brainwash kids into a single philosophical point of view. ADMITTED THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF DENYING A HOMESCHOOLING OPTION. Literally "We get to educate your kids so we can brainwash them to our point of view" is Germany's defense of their ban on homeschooling!

The US State department and the Obama administration stand behind that assertion. The very same Obama Administration (now wrap your head around this) that released illegal immigrants from jail, who had committed crimes in the US, not deport, released, back into the US, now asserts that these LEGAL immigrants (They entered the country legally) should have to go back to Germany where they will face losing their kids.

If this is who we are then it is the height of hypocrisy that the flame of liberty is depicted to burn at our gates.