Monday, December 17, 2012

So the President Just Couldn't Resist

Murder is a horrible crime. And it is made so much worse when the victims are innocent children. The only way it could be made worse yet is when politicians then jump into the fray to use the pain and loving memories of the dead as political tools for desired policies.

The following data on crime is pulled from.

Manuel Eisner’s Long-Term Historical Trends in Violent Crime.
FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

In 1791 when the second amendment was adopted, the homicide rate was 20 per 100K the general public was armed with single and double shot muzzle loading rifles and pistols. 

In 1836 the first revolver the Colt Paterson is invented. It is capable of firing 6 shots between reloading. In the hands of an expert it can be emptied in on a single target in less than a second.

In 1860 the Henry repeating rifle is invented. It can fire 16 rounds, 1 round every 2 seconds.

In 1902 the 1900 Colt .38 Auto, a semi-automatic pistol with a detachable magazine starts public sales. It holds 7 rounds, and is akin to the capability of any modern semi-automatic pistol.

In 1908 the Savage 99 introduces a removable magazine to the repeating rifle; Making reloading as swift as any modern rifle. 

In 1920 the Thompson Submachine Gun becomes the reason why automatic weapons become illegal in the us, as the detachable magazine joins the automatic rifle. Following restrictions on its automatic variant it will be available in semi-automatic variants to this day. The only thing separating this semi-automatic from modern ones is effective range. The Thompson was only good to about 100 yards.

In the 1940s Savages patent on the removable box magazine runs out. Removable magazines become popular on all types of rifles. 

In 1957 US Homicide rate hits its low water mark at 4.0 per 100k

Over the next 55 years to this day no improvements to weapon design have occurred to the significant level of the above ones that I have listed. 

When you look at the historical homicide rates three very large spikes and one smaller spike become apparent. The smaller spike occurs in the early 1900’s and can arguably be attributed to a number of things. One would be advancing weapons. Another would be the rise of gangs during prohibition. Regardless it is the smallest spike.

The first major spike occurs in the latter half of the 1700’s between 1750 and 1800.  The end of which corresponds with the end of the Revolutionary War

The second major spike occurs a decade prior to 1850 and peaks in the 1860’s the end of which corresponds with the end of the Civil War. 

The third spike starts its steady climb in 1963 and does not abate until 1980 and to this day we have not recovered the low of 4.0 we accomplished in 1957.  No war on American soil marks this period. No major advance in weapons available to the public marks this period. The only thing culturally that marks this entire period is the rise of radical progressivism. Clearly 1957 had issues, racism was one of them. But progressivism sought to throw out the baby with the bathwater and succeeded in a wholesale rejection of the common morality that had defined the United States.

Instead of letting the families grieve in peace like a decent human would, you want to take this time to lobby for corrective political action to address murder? Look your caucus square in the face. That is where it springs forth.