Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Todd Akin:

Congratulations on single handedly making every election for conservatives much more difficult than they were just last week.

Congratulations on saying something, not only insensitive, but flat out wrong, that marginalized those who have been raped. 

Congratulations on making an easy Senate pickup now nigh impossible, and throwing a conservative majority in the Senate into serious doubt.

Congratulations on breathing life into the false narrative of a Republican "War on Women" negating six plus months of campaigning at the federal level.

Congratulations for making the almost impossible task of bringing this country back from the brink even harder than it already was.


Congratulations on winning your primary. That doesn’t mean you keep Republican voter support in perpetuity regardless of what you do, and that doesn’t certainly doesn't mean God intended you to be a US Senator. Like they say, God works in mysterious ways, and at least one primary winner has to go on to lose the election. Other alternatives include he was just setting you up to take a fall because you need some humility. Based on the fact you are placing your campaign ahead of all those things I listed above, as if the repercussions are meaningless to you, I have my guesses.

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