Friday, August 31, 2012

I Said Over and Over During the Primary.

        I wouldn't support someone who I didn’t think would do the difficult things necessary to save this nation, as a free country, not one defined by totalitarianism or autocracy. This has been my principal for opposing Mitt Romney throughout the Primary. When it became clear that Mitt was going to be nominated, I continued to protest his record of statism, that Mitt had a ways to go before you convinced me to support him; That he would tackle the most difficult task to face a civilization, one that in the history of the western civilization has never been accomplished, that a free state devolved into an entitlement state, might turn back that tide without first falling into ruin and totalitarianism.

        Last night, Mitt, you convinced me that you will at least try. That’s all I can ask.

        As of today, I’m officially on team Romney. 


Anonymous said...

You are whacked. You think Romney lost because he wasn't conservative enough? He lost because he was viewed as TOO conservative to the center ground (in addition to cementing the GOP reputation of being out of touch with the middle class). Read some of your comments on the ORCA thread. The fact that you would say fuck you to everyone who voted Obama shows just how selfish, out of touch and divisive the GOP "base" is. But loudmouths like you, who would apparently rather see a president you dont agree with fail than see your country succeed, are becoming dinosaurs.

Fuck me? Fuck you dude. More people voted for the other guy...that is your democracy at work. Take a page from one guy who could actually bring back some honour and normalcy to the GOP..Gov Christie...and stop the vitriol.

Anonymous said...

Until the GOP can prove they work for the middle class (the real drivers of economic prosperity) you will be stuck in the mud.

MikeTheMoose said...

>>>You are whacked. You think Romney lost because he wasn't conservative enough?

No the article is from August, and it was me coming out in support of Romney. You really should read the whole post before commenting.