Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How To Legally Puſh Obama from the Liberal Pulpit. 101 Instructor Eric Holder

Via Ace, via Weasel Zippers, via Beltway Confidential.

Seems our AG has a plan instruct pastors on how they might legally participate in the upcoming election without losing tax exempt status. Well there are a lot of ways to slice that pineapple on the analysis side. Here's my cut.

If he was sure of winning he wouldn't be nearly as concerned about the issue. So my cut is that AG Holder, genuinely concerned about what another AG might do, wants the pastors to keep it inside the box. Which precipitates another conclusion actually. Means seem to be very flexible for the administration, especially for AG Holders justice department. I think if a little extra zeal from the alter would make the difference that it certainly would be encouraged. So depending on the content of the brief, which I surely hope gets leaked, this indicates to me, that he may not be anticipating a close contest; at least one not close enough to pull out the stops for, and he is trying to conserve his political assets for the future. But like I said, that all depends on what the content of the brief entails. This may be the beginning of the stop pulling.

Either way. It shows a very real fear of losing the election.

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