Thursday, March 1, 2012

To the Fearless Warrior Passed

Andrew Breitbart

To the Fearless Warrior Passed

From where did thine bravery spring?
From what steel was thine sword forged?
Feared was thine report.
Fearless was thine heading.

How you held the standard high,
Countenance bright, hair and eyes ablaze,
Igniting the fire within your brigade,
Striking thine foe with affright.

You now in the night passed;
The standard pyght stands forlorn,
Your sword rests abeyant.
Who shall with courage the standard grasp,
Go afield, sound the horn,
And wield your sword resolute and valiant?

We now know the depths of your courage,
For you meted it into every bowl.
Now we feel hollow,
And must look at each other for our knightage.

The Franklin Center offers this remembrance.