Monday, January 16, 2012

The Diſappointment

With all the time spent in the political sphere in the last couple of years, you would think that I am hopeful for the future given the huge concessions we have gained; In fact though my outlook is drearier than ever. Eventually in a free Republic the rubber must hit the road and what is ideology must manifest in real world leadership in the form of a politician who would in practical terms put legal ideas to paper and forward an ideology not just in the world of laws and writs, but also in the real world of concrete, iron, and lead.

The clock in running out on the massive debt assigned not just to the US, but the whole of the western world, and accumulated not in the most part in war mongering, but vote mongering with entitlements. The collapse of our fiat monetary systems seems at this point almost assured. A guarantee of a generation of suffering that will make the Great Depression look like a mild downturn. The scope of which may include a break down in social order, and perhaps an end to free society here in the US. It depends on a lot of factors, but when faced with a crisis on this scale, it would be hard for those in government to avoid the temptation to use the crisis as a mechanism for dismantling what few restraints they have left, and seizing totalitarian power; and at the same time it will difficult for the people to avoid the temptation of demanding that they do so in order to bring order. Certainly a recipe for tyranny has already been mixed. All we have is it is not yet done cooking.

Now the fact that the crisis has not yet hit, does mean that there is some hope of averting it. With aggressive changes to the spending of government DOOM can be avoided. But all the reasonable options have been passed up in favor of the option to kick the problem down the road to be dealt with later. Legions, of the apathetic, the cowardly, and the sinister, who claim to have led the US have led us to this point, in which only the radical has any hope of success. Very seriously: This country will not survive a mediocre administration

And in the end we have a whole field of challengers produced by our two party system that embody mediocre. Containing at least one fatal flaw, of either excessive cowardice, or recklessness, none of them seem ready to challenge the incumbent president, defeat him, and then….now this is that practical part….and then actually do what is necessary to save the US. Now a huge part of the problem is the American people, whom in the very critical middle, don’t want to hear the truth about our dire position, and would rather the candidates take a non-radical moderated approach with small reasonable change to nudge the US gradually back on the road to prosperity.

But we passed up all those chances to do those reasonable things. Now there is only the extreme and radical that has any hope. And so, we were hoping for a superman, that could convince a middle ground apathetic electorate, that wants a politician to whisper sweet nothings about how it isn’t that bad into their ears, those whom would bury their head in the sand to hide from certain DOOM, convince them that in fact big changes are needed now.

And we are met, with candidates either off-putting to the middle unable to convince them of the crisis and needed changes, or themselves tacit approvers, or even partial architects of the course we are on.

I haven’t lost all hope yet, but at this point I possess little. If America doesn’t come to its senses, right now, then freedom will not see the end of the decade. In the end if we lose our freedom, we will have deserved to have lost it.

Remember some wise words as difficult times and hard decisions bear down upon us.

If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.

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