Thursday, March 17, 2011

Progressive Humanity?

22 weeks, born alive with a fighting chance, ignored and allowed to die.

Over at the UK Daily Mail

Holding her newborn son Tom for the first time, Tracy Godwin marvelled at his eyelashes, and counted every precious finger and toe.
Forty-six minutes later, and despite her desperate pleas to midwives for assistance, Miss Godwin’s son died as she held him.
the hospital has a policy not to resuscitate babies born earlier than 24 weeks into pregnancy

Read the whole story if you can get through it.

This is the logical conclusion of framing the value of human life in terms of convenience while simultaneously designating the caretaker of life to be the State: The care of life defined as a matter of convenience to the State. Noted this baby only had about a 1 in 10 shot, but, that was a life, and I think most of us would give 1 in 10 a shot. But, if you would, that just makes you unenlightened about the good of the whole. All hail the superior morality of progressive humanity.