Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As one of the last conservatives in the State. I am now activating our warning beacon.



All persons are advised to remain clear of The State of California.
The security of your personal assets cannot be guaranteed within the state.
A growing epidemic has caused a loss of sanity in a large segment of the population.
Symptoms include:
Lack of memory regarding previous state leaders.
Inability to comprehend negative numbers preceded by a dollar sign.
A strong conviction that government can solve all problems
A lack of desire to live independently or own property
A belief that cutting harmless gas emissions is a bigger priority than employment.
A desire to give addicted spenders unfettered access to personal assets.
A belief that oversized government has no adverse impacts only positive.
An ability to ignore fiscally crippling non-sustainable financial agreements.

All persons remaining in The State of California not exhibiting the above symptoms are advised to gather their belongings while they still have any, and evacuate the State in an orderly manner.

Extent of epidemic:
Almost all major urban areas are severely affected. Rural areas are less affected. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the epidemic has spread to urban areas in neighboring Nevada.

Recent similar epidemics:
State of Michigan

Area prognosis:
Tightening environmental regulations for both individuals and businesses.
Decreasing employment opportunities.
Persistent High Unemployment.
Higher government fees and taxes.
Rising State debt and possible insolvency.
Decreasing property values.

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