Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remember November 2008

I know that is a quite a downer in what is currently an uplifting time. But I think we need to pause right now and remember. On Saturday November 22, feeling more distraught about our country's future than I ever had, I started this blog, and started participating. America had just elected a socialist, intent to dispense so called social justice; while the US economy sat in a pit of despair. The idea that humans are born and ought to be free was abandoned for the utopian goal of collective society. We looked into the void and a financial crisis of epic proportion, one that would end the capitalist economy of the US and the concept of the entrepreneur, stared back at us with horns and crowns, waiting to ruin the freedom of our way of life and sit upon a throne of necessity and command us for a lifetime and 10 more. On another hand was a reigning body whose prescription for every ill was increasing itself and power. Such majorities were possessed that the will of the collectivist was unstoppable. On the first of December 2008 we were looking at the end of the United States that had been handed to us, hand to hand, life to life, generation to generation since our brave founders risked everything, and gave the best of their souls to birth it. On that day, those that would fight on seemed desperate; the urge to admit defeat and adjust to the new reality, the European America was strong. To assert the power of their new governance, blatantly, the first stimulus, spending that would send us into the abyss, was passed, and signed into law, made a reality over all dissent, all reason from our side: A show of raw power.

It was in that dark hour when all was lost, a single spark was lit. Someone said "tea party"

We arose with resolve to find that we were not alone.

We became involved; Protested for our freedom, many for the first time in our lives.

We stood up as the coup de grace was ready to fall.

We stood up en masse for the first time in a long time.

We awoke to find that we were strong: Strong enough to fight, in earnest, to put a last brave fight for the freedom of the Republic.

Upon the eve that should have been our last we weakened the takeover of American health care to something that could be undone. Our brave stand staved off the loss of freedom allowing us one more day to fight.

Since then our storm has grown. We have become a force to be reckoned with in party politics. A sleeping Titan no more; the strength of those that wish to be free was felt in every corner of America. The very mention of our name strikes fear into the heart of establishment politicians no matter the party or origin. To our allies we have gained their deference, our enemy’s derision and fear; Oh yes, fear. They have watched this storm brewing and inch toward them, the taxers, the regulators, the big spenders. While we will never have their respect we have their fear.

We have accomplished so much, and faced with the possibility of a victorious battle it is easy to forget, that we are little better off than we were two years past. Our finances and economy still lie in ruin, our society still only one small step from socialism. Still only one more major loss away from irreparable damage....While we have fought against all odds to just muster the strength to fight this battle and continue this war, itself a great accomplishment, we must remember, the fighting has yet to be done, the battle yet to be joined. We must remember that....

So here we sit, everything committed just to win enough to keep the dream of freedom alive. We are the storm and the enemies of freedom know that it is here, but we must, we must, be committed to being that storm. No one raindrop creates a flood, but together, we can be that cleansing flood, we can be. "What can I do?" I hear it asked so many times. Find candidates in trouble, candidates you like, give till it hurts. Harness the enthusiasm and call voters ; let the discouraged know hope is not lost, get them to the poles voting for freedom. Volunteer to go door to door and work precincts. Be the raindrop that causes the flood. I know, it sounds so dirty, it sounds like, politics. Yechh, it is like bathing in a swamp........

Generation to generation, father to son, mother to daughter, a nation was passed down, from a lot of brave people who bathed in their own blood to deliver us from tyranny. They secured many rights but their ultimate gift to us, is that we would not be powerless in coming generations to face tyranny in our own government as they were in theirs. They gave us something the world had not seen in more than a thousand years, power, power to stop tyranny from our own government without bathing in our own blood, so long as we had the will to bathe in a little mud; mud that represents the political system they made. This is our calling, to get our hands dirty. The founders look on and wonder what you will do with their gift, politicians slugging it out in the mire, fighting for our freedom are asking for your help. What are you going to do? What are you going to tell generations down the road that you did?

The progressives do not think that this movement will last, that our resolve will stick, that we are ready for the long fight, or that we will get in the political mire and do what is necessary to drive them back.

Remember. The valley of regret is littered with the bones of those who, in sight of victory, stopped to rest, and there died.

Thanks to Ace