Monday, April 19, 2010

Polites Gazette 19

Publick Occurrences and Comment, Both Forreign and Domeſtick

This is the first edition of what I hope to make into a daily news summary. From a writer with no time, aimed at the reader with no time.

O: Time Columniſt: Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck "right up close to being ſeditious"
C: Yet another way, outspoken conservative argument and commentary offends the sensibilities of educated progressives. Not only is such banter racist in origin, but now apparently just breaths away from being a crime traditionally punished by death. Just remember free speech and vigorous debates are only topics of discussion when an administration right of center is in office.

O: Senator McCain now openly ſupports the border fence.
C: After the socially conservative voting block long fabled to be associated with Hispanic immigrants did not materialize for McCain with the amnesty meme, it looks as if he is shifting tactics to a different demographic with a secure the border meme.

O: Top Iraq Al-Qaeda leader Al-Maſri declared dead.
C: A joint operation between Iraqi security and US troops hopefully defines the transition point to full autonomous Iraqi governance.

O: Preſident Obama plays a round of golf during the funeral of Poliſh Preſident Lech Kaczynski.
C: It seems clear following the missile shield debacle that despite support in Iraq and the politically dangerous position of opposing Russian political pressures as a stalwart of free society in east Europe, Poland is not high on the Presidents list of friends.

O: Brad Sherman (D-CA) Admits the new financial reform bill is a permanent bail-out bill.
C: First they will back the banks.
Then they will have interest in the banks.
Then they will have directors on the boards of banks.
Then there will be only one bank with one owner.

O: Personal friend of Peloſi confirmed as ambaſsador to Hungary
C: I would feel better if they at least tried to hide the cronyism.

O: Al Gore's Live Earth accepts noted polluter Dow Chemical as a ſponsor of their Live Earth Run for Water events.
C: You can't make this stuff up.

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