Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polites Gazette 28

O: Arizona Governor ſigns immigration bill.
C: This has drawn the lines on the immigration debate. Watch the oppoſition to the law uſe their fighting words of Nazi and raciſm. Alſo look for them to diſtort the bills language to give it as ominous an appearance as they can. My question is. If the federal government refuſes to secure a States boarders, to the point that foreign nationals are becoming an economic, political, and legal problem for the State. Does the State not have a right at that point to ſecure their land themſelves?

O: Second Navy SEAL acquitted.
C: Justice again graces us with her preſence.

O: Obama's motivational primer plays to identity politics. Diſplaying ageiſm, raciſm, and ſexism, he calls out "minorities" by name for ſupport; Notably leaving out white men.
C: Poſt racial America cannot be achieved if we cannot elect poſt racial repreſentatives. Identity politics is of the worſt ſort of raciſm, being not only condeſcending and diſdainful but alſo exploitative and oppreſsive.

O: Financial reform ſtalls in Senate on cloture to open debate.
C: The current bill is poiſon, with both autocratic rule granted to the Preſident in dealing with financial inſtitutions, and unlimited capacity for future bailouts.

O: Health and Human Services report declaring that Obamacare would raiſe the coſt of health care, ſuppreſsed by the White Houſe until after Obamacare became law.
C: Can we claim to live in a Repreſentative Republic, when officials ſuppreſs official reports to derail debates in order to paſs legiſlation which apparently does the oppoſite of it's ſtated purpose? If more affordable care was not the objective, what was? Political victory for victories ſake? Or does this affirm the more ſinister, that the plan all along was to move the US towards ſocialized medicine, never to repair the ſyſtem that we had.

O: Murdoch's Wall Street Journal enterpriſe to ſell advertiſing for local New York busineſs.
C: This aims directly at the Old Gray Lady. The New York Times local advertiſing is a large ſource of income for the gray lady, but, now that WSJ is introducing a NY only edition, the Times may find itſelf even more broke than it already is.

O: New weapon being advertiſed. A miſsile launcher camouflaged as a ſhipping container. Soon to be for ſale to military minded groups world wide.
C: This could make any big rig, or container ſhip, into a medium range aſsualt weapon. Just think of the poſsibilities for Al Qaeda, Iran, Hezbollah, with a neat weapon that looks like an ordinary ſhipping box.

O: Greek bonds downgraded to junk ſtatus.
C: This was a THREE grade drop and likely cauſed the recent ſtock market dip. Portugal lost two grades the ſame day. This could be the first cracks ſtarting to show in the ſocialist debt ſtructure of Europe, and could be a harbinger of a collapſe of government debt in the firſt world. Once one falls the others will find it harder to finance their ſpending, driving up intereſt and inflation which could threaten global economies. It ſurprises me the S&P was willing to take ſuch an aggreſsive ſtance, apparently they ſtill take their job of protecting inveſtors ſeriouſly, or perhaps they did delay, and ſhould have downgraded earlier, inſtead of three grades all at once. Either way the real test of their mettle will be when it comes time to downgrade California to junk, and down grade the US from its AAA rating.

O: Sources indicate that Criſt has made up his mind and will run as an independent.
C: I will ſave commentary for an official announcement.

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