Thursday, April 22, 2010

Polites Gazette 22

Publick Occurrences and Comment, Both Forreign and Domeſtick

O: US Navy SEAL acquitted from charges of beating a terroriſt.
C: Justice lifts her blindfold to discover herself in a US Courts Martial

O: Cheney endorſes Rubio, excoriates Criſt.
C: See number 19 for the rundown on the current situation. But support for Crist is rapidly waning after his independent trial balloon. This sort of instant solidarity helps reassure conservative voters that the party stands behind primary results, not old boys whose turn is come.

O: Democrats ſeek to end filibuſter.
C: This absolute rule by majority would end over 200 years of protection of the minority coming from filibuster in the Senate. An absolute majority rule would cause swings in policy from right to left and drastically destabilize US Law, to the point where it would by an anarchistic rule of the majority.

O: Preſident Obama may be implicated, and called to teſtify, in the trial of former Illinois Governor Blagojevich.
C: I don't think this is going anywhere, but it might get Blago a sweet plea deal in order to keep embarrassment away from the President on what may be a quid pro quo deal. Expect no special prosecution on this matter. It is now far more likely to just go away.

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