Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Polites Gazette 21

Publick Occurrences and Comment, Both Forreign and Domeſtick

O: US Court of appeals 2nd Circuit Reſtores Acorn Funding Ban.
C: As if by accident, justice finds her way into an American court. After the voluntary breakup, this probably spells the end for the Acorn we knew. But rest assured, it shall be resurrected some moons hence in the dark of night, with a new face and name.

O: RNC ſpends $340,000 at a ſemi annual meeting for RNC ſtaff in Hawaii.
C: I don't think the RNC is getting the tea party message. STOP WASTING OUR MONEY ON STUPID STUFF. That includes campaign contributions and group vacations to Hawaii by the way. The already highly criticized Steele is looking weaker and weaker for a second term. In addition, stunts like this do not reinforce the idea of fiscal responsibility and could hurt the GOP in garnering tea party support.

O: Senate conſiders regulating health inſurance premiums.
C: Now that the industry is controlled, regulating their premiums to unprofitability will collapse the private system. And then pray tell, what solution will liberal thought offer to fix the ailing system? My bet is the answer starts with single and ends with ayer.

O: Queſtion why ſhould an African American vote republican? Steele, "You really don’t have a reaſon to, to be honeſt..."
C: Steele's reelection looks bleaker and bleaker.

O: Alexander Snitker joins Florida Senate race and has become the firſt libertarian candidate to get on the ballot for the Senate in Florida.
C: This is shaping up to be a four way race with Kendrick Meek the democrat getting the liberal vote and the conservative vote split three ways between, Rubio, Crist, and now Snitker. As a plurality is victory, this looks to be a very bad combination for conservatism.

O: Half New Jerſey ſchool budgets rejected by voters. Something Chris Chriſtie encouraged voters to do, if teachers refuſed a pay freeze.
C: If New Jersey can show such realism and fortitude in dealing with serious budget problems, we should be able to look the same truths in the eye regarding social security and medicare.

O: Gay rights proteſt at whitehouſe, more importantly, preſs not allowed to film proteſt.
C: Keeping the press away from things that might embarrass the President; Silence, control of information, opaqueness sold as transparency; Controlling you by manipulating what facts you might know. This is the way of despots, not the way of the Republic. The last thing the President wants I can see, is the appearance of his frayed party infighting over liberal issues. Best to keep that quiet, lest the whole card structure of popular support fail. The only problem is, that's not how we do things around here.

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