Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As one of the last conservatives in the State. I am now activating our warning beacon.



All persons are advised to remain clear of The State of California.
The security of your personal assets cannot be guaranteed within the state.
A growing epidemic has caused a loss of sanity in a large segment of the population.
Symptoms include:
Lack of memory regarding previous state leaders.
Inability to comprehend negative numbers preceded by a dollar sign.
A strong conviction that government can solve all problems
A lack of desire to live independently or own property
A belief that cutting harmless gas emissions is a bigger priority than employment.
A desire to give addicted spenders unfettered access to personal assets.
A belief that oversized government has no adverse impacts only positive.
An ability to ignore fiscally crippling non-sustainable financial agreements.

All persons remaining in The State of California not exhibiting the above symptoms are advised to gather their belongings while they still have any, and evacuate the State in an orderly manner.

Extent of epidemic:
Almost all major urban areas are severely affected. Rural areas are less affected. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the epidemic has spread to urban areas in neighboring Nevada.

Recent similar epidemics:
State of Michigan

Area prognosis:
Tightening environmental regulations for both individuals and businesses.
Decreasing employment opportunities.
Persistent High Unemployment.
Higher government fees and taxes.
Rising State debt and possible insolvency.
Decreasing property values.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's here!

The big day is here. We face the elitist dream of structured society, a century in the making. We stand at the brink and it has fallen to us; the great trial of our generation. Faced with the malice of a ruling class with a will to dominate all, we shall on this day fight for the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. Beginning this day, we join the battle, and start restoring this last best hope to freedom.

Vote Today.
Vote for freedom.
Vote for the Constitution.
Vote for a nation whose best days still lie ahead.

Thanks Ace.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remember November 2008

I know that is a quite a downer in what is currently an uplifting time. But I think we need to pause right now and remember. On Saturday November 22, feeling more distraught about our country's future than I ever had, I started this blog, and started participating. America had just elected a socialist, intent to dispense so called social justice; while the US economy sat in a pit of despair. The idea that humans are born and ought to be free was abandoned for the utopian goal of collective society. We looked into the void and a financial crisis of epic proportion, one that would end the capitalist economy of the US and the concept of the entrepreneur, stared back at us with horns and crowns, waiting to ruin the freedom of our way of life and sit upon a throne of necessity and command us for a lifetime and 10 more. On another hand was a reigning body whose prescription for every ill was increasing itself and power. Such majorities were possessed that the will of the collectivist was unstoppable. On the first of December 2008 we were looking at the end of the United States that had been handed to us, hand to hand, life to life, generation to generation since our brave founders risked everything, and gave the best of their souls to birth it. On that day, those that would fight on seemed desperate; the urge to admit defeat and adjust to the new reality, the European America was strong. To assert the power of their new governance, blatantly, the first stimulus, spending that would send us into the abyss, was passed, and signed into law, made a reality over all dissent, all reason from our side: A show of raw power.

It was in that dark hour when all was lost, a single spark was lit. Someone said "tea party"

We arose with resolve to find that we were not alone.

We became involved; Protested for our freedom, many for the first time in our lives.

We stood up as the coup de grace was ready to fall.

We stood up en masse for the first time in a long time.

We awoke to find that we were strong: Strong enough to fight, in earnest, to put a last brave fight for the freedom of the Republic.

Upon the eve that should have been our last we weakened the takeover of American health care to something that could be undone. Our brave stand staved off the loss of freedom allowing us one more day to fight.

Since then our storm has grown. We have become a force to be reckoned with in party politics. A sleeping Titan no more; the strength of those that wish to be free was felt in every corner of America. The very mention of our name strikes fear into the heart of establishment politicians no matter the party or origin. To our allies we have gained their deference, our enemy’s derision and fear; Oh yes, fear. They have watched this storm brewing and inch toward them, the taxers, the regulators, the big spenders. While we will never have their respect we have their fear.

We have accomplished so much, and faced with the possibility of a victorious battle it is easy to forget, that we are little better off than we were two years past. Our finances and economy still lie in ruin, our society still only one small step from socialism. Still only one more major loss away from irreparable damage....While we have fought against all odds to just muster the strength to fight this battle and continue this war, itself a great accomplishment, we must remember, the fighting has yet to be done, the battle yet to be joined. We must remember that....

So here we sit, everything committed just to win enough to keep the dream of freedom alive. We are the storm and the enemies of freedom know that it is here, but we must, we must, be committed to being that storm. No one raindrop creates a flood, but together, we can be that cleansing flood, we can be. "What can I do?" I hear it asked so many times. Find candidates in trouble, candidates you like, give till it hurts. Harness the enthusiasm and call voters ; let the discouraged know hope is not lost, get them to the poles voting for freedom. Volunteer to go door to door and work precincts. Be the raindrop that causes the flood. I know, it sounds so dirty, it sounds like, politics. Yechh, it is like bathing in a swamp........

Generation to generation, father to son, mother to daughter, a nation was passed down, from a lot of brave people who bathed in their own blood to deliver us from tyranny. They secured many rights but their ultimate gift to us, is that we would not be powerless in coming generations to face tyranny in our own government as they were in theirs. They gave us something the world had not seen in more than a thousand years, power, power to stop tyranny from our own government without bathing in our own blood, so long as we had the will to bathe in a little mud; mud that represents the political system they made. This is our calling, to get our hands dirty. The founders look on and wonder what you will do with their gift, politicians slugging it out in the mire, fighting for our freedom are asking for your help. What are you going to do? What are you going to tell generations down the road that you did?

The progressives do not think that this movement will last, that our resolve will stick, that we are ready for the long fight, or that we will get in the political mire and do what is necessary to drive them back.

Remember. The valley of regret is littered with the bones of those who, in sight of victory, stopped to rest, and there died.

Thanks to Ace

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polites Gazette 28

O: Arizona Governor ſigns immigration bill.
C: This has drawn the lines on the immigration debate. Watch the oppoſition to the law uſe their fighting words of Nazi and raciſm. Alſo look for them to diſtort the bills language to give it as ominous an appearance as they can. My question is. If the federal government refuſes to secure a States boarders, to the point that foreign nationals are becoming an economic, political, and legal problem for the State. Does the State not have a right at that point to ſecure their land themſelves?

O: Second Navy SEAL acquitted.
C: Justice again graces us with her preſence.

O: Obama's motivational primer plays to identity politics. Diſplaying ageiſm, raciſm, and ſexism, he calls out "minorities" by name for ſupport; Notably leaving out white men.
C: Poſt racial America cannot be achieved if we cannot elect poſt racial repreſentatives. Identity politics is of the worſt ſort of raciſm, being not only condeſcending and diſdainful but alſo exploitative and oppreſsive.

O: Financial reform ſtalls in Senate on cloture to open debate.
C: The current bill is poiſon, with both autocratic rule granted to the Preſident in dealing with financial inſtitutions, and unlimited capacity for future bailouts.

O: Health and Human Services report declaring that Obamacare would raiſe the coſt of health care, ſuppreſsed by the White Houſe until after Obamacare became law.
C: Can we claim to live in a Repreſentative Republic, when officials ſuppreſs official reports to derail debates in order to paſs legiſlation which apparently does the oppoſite of it's ſtated purpose? If more affordable care was not the objective, what was? Political victory for victories ſake? Or does this affirm the more ſinister, that the plan all along was to move the US towards ſocialized medicine, never to repair the ſyſtem that we had.

O: Murdoch's Wall Street Journal enterpriſe to ſell advertiſing for local New York busineſs.
C: This aims directly at the Old Gray Lady. The New York Times local advertiſing is a large ſource of income for the gray lady, but, now that WSJ is introducing a NY only edition, the Times may find itſelf even more broke than it already is.

O: New weapon being advertiſed. A miſsile launcher camouflaged as a ſhipping container. Soon to be for ſale to military minded groups world wide.
C: This could make any big rig, or container ſhip, into a medium range aſsualt weapon. Just think of the poſsibilities for Al Qaeda, Iran, Hezbollah, with a neat weapon that looks like an ordinary ſhipping box.

O: Greek bonds downgraded to junk ſtatus.
C: This was a THREE grade drop and likely cauſed the recent ſtock market dip. Portugal lost two grades the ſame day. This could be the first cracks ſtarting to show in the ſocialist debt ſtructure of Europe, and could be a harbinger of a collapſe of government debt in the firſt world. Once one falls the others will find it harder to finance their ſpending, driving up intereſt and inflation which could threaten global economies. It ſurprises me the S&P was willing to take ſuch an aggreſsive ſtance, apparently they ſtill take their job of protecting inveſtors ſeriouſly, or perhaps they did delay, and ſhould have downgraded earlier, inſtead of three grades all at once. Either way the real test of their mettle will be when it comes time to downgrade California to junk, and down grade the US from its AAA rating.

O: Sources indicate that Criſt has made up his mind and will run as an independent.
C: I will ſave commentary for an official announcement.

What's with the funny letter that looks like f without the bar?

It is called a long s. It looks like ſ in normal type, and ſ in italics.
Long s was part of early roman lettering and in use during the founders time and can be found in many of the founding documents. It fell out of use during the mid 1800's
It is a replacement for lower case s under the following circumstances

ſ is not to be used at the end of a word.
ſ is not to be used before or after the letter f
ſ should not be used before the letter b or k
ſ is used as the first s in any double s (ss -> ſs)

Of note the German ligature ß (eszett) is actually a union of long and short s joined to make a single character for the double ss sound. (ß = ſs)

It is in uſe here as ſort of a mini-revival, and to keep with the blog's antique, founders era feel. Expect to ſee it used more often here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Polites Gazette 22

Publick Occurrences and Comment, Both Forreign and Domeſtick

O: US Navy SEAL acquitted from charges of beating a terroriſt.
C: Justice lifts her blindfold to discover herself in a US Courts Martial

O: Cheney endorſes Rubio, excoriates Criſt.
C: See number 19 for the rundown on the current situation. But support for Crist is rapidly waning after his independent trial balloon. This sort of instant solidarity helps reassure conservative voters that the party stands behind primary results, not old boys whose turn is come.

O: Democrats ſeek to end filibuſter.
C: This absolute rule by majority would end over 200 years of protection of the minority coming from filibuster in the Senate. An absolute majority rule would cause swings in policy from right to left and drastically destabilize US Law, to the point where it would by an anarchistic rule of the majority.

O: Preſident Obama may be implicated, and called to teſtify, in the trial of former Illinois Governor Blagojevich.
C: I don't think this is going anywhere, but it might get Blago a sweet plea deal in order to keep embarrassment away from the President on what may be a quid pro quo deal. Expect no special prosecution on this matter. It is now far more likely to just go away.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Polites Gazette 21

Publick Occurrences and Comment, Both Forreign and Domeſtick

O: US Court of appeals 2nd Circuit Reſtores Acorn Funding Ban.
C: As if by accident, justice finds her way into an American court. After the voluntary breakup, this probably spells the end for the Acorn we knew. But rest assured, it shall be resurrected some moons hence in the dark of night, with a new face and name.

O: RNC ſpends $340,000 at a ſemi annual meeting for RNC ſtaff in Hawaii.
C: I don't think the RNC is getting the tea party message. STOP WASTING OUR MONEY ON STUPID STUFF. That includes campaign contributions and group vacations to Hawaii by the way. The already highly criticized Steele is looking weaker and weaker for a second term. In addition, stunts like this do not reinforce the idea of fiscal responsibility and could hurt the GOP in garnering tea party support.

O: Senate conſiders regulating health inſurance premiums.
C: Now that the industry is controlled, regulating their premiums to unprofitability will collapse the private system. And then pray tell, what solution will liberal thought offer to fix the ailing system? My bet is the answer starts with single and ends with ayer.

O: Queſtion why ſhould an African American vote republican? Steele, "You really don’t have a reaſon to, to be honeſt..."
C: Steele's reelection looks bleaker and bleaker.

O: Alexander Snitker joins Florida Senate race and has become the firſt libertarian candidate to get on the ballot for the Senate in Florida.
C: This is shaping up to be a four way race with Kendrick Meek the democrat getting the liberal vote and the conservative vote split three ways between, Rubio, Crist, and now Snitker. As a plurality is victory, this looks to be a very bad combination for conservatism.

O: Half New Jerſey ſchool budgets rejected by voters. Something Chris Chriſtie encouraged voters to do, if teachers refuſed a pay freeze.
C: If New Jersey can show such realism and fortitude in dealing with serious budget problems, we should be able to look the same truths in the eye regarding social security and medicare.

O: Gay rights proteſt at whitehouſe, more importantly, preſs not allowed to film proteſt.
C: Keeping the press away from things that might embarrass the President; Silence, control of information, opaqueness sold as transparency; Controlling you by manipulating what facts you might know. This is the way of despots, not the way of the Republic. The last thing the President wants I can see, is the appearance of his frayed party infighting over liberal issues. Best to keep that quiet, lest the whole card structure of popular support fail. The only problem is, that's not how we do things around here.

EPA Regulation Video Conteſt Entry

Too good not to share. The EPA has a video contest currently running in a shameless attempt to gain some free advertising material. I doubt Americans for Prosperity 's entry is quite what the EPA had in mind.

Hat Tip to Hot Air

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Polites Gazette 20

Publick Occurrences and Comment, Both Forreign and Domeſtick

O: Government to regulate ſalt in processed foods.
C: A couple of things strike me about this. First, that the FDA has too many people with not enough to do, so some budget cuts could be made without impacting actual vital services of the FDA. Second how long do you think any essential personal freedoms and responsibilities in this country will last, especially Citizen participation in governance, and the right to bear arms, if our betters think that we, when left alone with a salt shaker, will kill ourselves.

O: Goldman Sachs diſcovered to be a top Obama, and Democrat donor.
C: How the administration handles this case will likely determine the relationship between corporate America, and the Obama administration. Does Obama placate the corporate hating left by biting the hand that feeds him, or alienate his very vocal base by not doing so. Only time will tell how the White House will play this one.

O: Google key words "Goldman Sachs SEC" directed toward Obama campaign web page.
C: It looks as if the question above already has an answer. But I am not convinced Obama is willing to go on grassroots alone by betraying corporate donors, so I am still expecting a flea flicker on this play. Watch the ball (money) closely as it unfolds.

O: Charlie Criſt conſiders independent run for Florida's Senate Seat.
C: Florida Governor Charlie Crist lost much of his popular support in the Republican party when he openly supported the first Obama stimulus bill; The über expensive spending disguised as stimulus bill. His bid for US Senate has been hotly contested in primary by Marco Rubio who now holds a strong lead in polls. Crist's flirting with an independent run may be meant to garner official national Republican support on fears of a conservative split vote handing a plurality and win to Democrats. Or he may be planning a party defection a la Specter. He vows that he will listen to Floridians on this matter, but, Democrat supporters have a lot to gain with a third party so undoubtedly they will encourage this. Should he decide to buck the party, Republicans may lose some support of hard line conservatives who have been biting their lip supporting moderate party nominees.

O: New conſervative entertainment channel in the works as a cable offering look for it in the future.
C: Think of Fox as the conservative CNN. Think of this as the conservative MSNBC

O: Third in command Al Qaeda leader Ahmed al-Obeidi killed by joint forces.
C: Yet more progress toward an eventual conclusion of the US occupation of Iraq.

O: Ed Chen Preſident of the White Houſe Correſpondents' Aſsociation " my 10-plus years at the White House, rarely have I sensed such a level of anger, which is wide and deep, among members over White House practices and attitude toward the press.”
C: Apparently they are not happy with the mushroom treatment either. But I have faith the lovers will patch things up, and the adoring relationship will continue unabated.

O: FTC Power to grow in a bill now being conſidered by the Senate. It includes the power to levy fines ahead of (prior to) actual violations of law.
C: It also includes a number of advertising related provisions which will undoubtedly increase litigation costs; Throwing yet more meat to a chief Democrat lobby, trial lawyers. In unrelated news, the tickets for the speed laws you are going to break next week are arriving in the mail tomorrow.

O: SEIU leans on California lawmakers with political threats.
C: Excellent example of how the growing power of public sector unions quickly allows them to muscle elected governments, creating a spiraling budgetary crises of every growing costs of public servants, ever growing government, ever growing taxes, ever growing debt, and ultimately an ever shrinking private sector to hold it all up. Until that day the critical point is reached.

O: Arizona looking to implement tough immigration enforcement.
C: A lot of fuss over this bill is because many believe it will lead to racial profiling. Other issues include preemption by federal law. But it seems Arizona is not happy with federal efforts to protect their southern border. Again notable, is John McCain's support of the measure, having previously supported amnesty.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Polites Gazette 19

Publick Occurrences and Comment, Both Forreign and Domeſtick

This is the first edition of what I hope to make into a daily news summary. From a writer with no time, aimed at the reader with no time.

O: Time Columniſt: Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck "right up close to being ſeditious"
C: Yet another way, outspoken conservative argument and commentary offends the sensibilities of educated progressives. Not only is such banter racist in origin, but now apparently just breaths away from being a crime traditionally punished by death. Just remember free speech and vigorous debates are only topics of discussion when an administration right of center is in office.

O: Senator McCain now openly ſupports the border fence.
C: After the socially conservative voting block long fabled to be associated with Hispanic immigrants did not materialize for McCain with the amnesty meme, it looks as if he is shifting tactics to a different demographic with a secure the border meme.

O: Top Iraq Al-Qaeda leader Al-Maſri declared dead.
C: A joint operation between Iraqi security and US troops hopefully defines the transition point to full autonomous Iraqi governance.

O: Preſident Obama plays a round of golf during the funeral of Poliſh Preſident Lech Kaczynski.
C: It seems clear following the missile shield debacle that despite support in Iraq and the politically dangerous position of opposing Russian political pressures as a stalwart of free society in east Europe, Poland is not high on the Presidents list of friends.

O: Brad Sherman (D-CA) Admits the new financial reform bill is a permanent bail-out bill.
C: First they will back the banks.
Then they will have interest in the banks.
Then they will have directors on the boards of banks.
Then there will be only one bank with one owner.

O: Personal friend of Peloſi confirmed as ambaſsador to Hungary
C: I would feel better if they at least tried to hide the cronyism.

O: Al Gore's Live Earth accepts noted polluter Dow Chemical as a ſponsor of their Live Earth Run for Water events.
C: You can't make this stuff up.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Liberal Q&A The eaſiest quiz ever!

Global cooling? More government control

Global Warming? More government control

Recession? More government control

Decade of Greed? More government control

Banks too picky in lending? More government control

Banks not picky enough? More government control

Too many crops? More government control

Not enough crops? More government control

To many poor people? More government control

To many rich people? More government control

Overconsumption? More government control

Underconsumption? More government control

Cost of energy to high? More government control

Cost of energy to low? More government control

American industry to profitable? More government control

American industry not profitable? More government control

American standards for medical care to low? More government control

Cost of American health care to high? More government control

Kids to skinny? More government control

Kids to fat? More government control

Schools producing a diverse spread of competence, ability, and interest? More government control

Schools producing a mediocre homogenized student with hardly any competence, ability, and interest? More government control

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Inſatiable Need

Publiſhed at American Thinker!

Much of the recent debate on health care reform revolved around the cost of the American system of health care and how much of our GDP said system consumes. One of the selling points for the proposed plans was "controlling costs." While I am sure that many inefficiencies exist in the American health care system as currently implemented (particularly in the litigation portion), in the long run, reduction of these inefficiencies is unlikely to lead to any less money actually spent on health care. Instead, it will just improve the quality of care for the price that we pay.

In a free-market system, products and services evolve to serve wants and needs. Some people, like farmers, target needs -- they know that though the need is limited and can be satisfied, people will always get hungry. In this case, demand, while finite, is assured. Other providers focus on wants, and many great entrepreneurs have discovered that the well of wants is far deeper than the well of needs, with one exception. These providers find our desires and produce things to fill them. In this market, products and services will emerge with features we desire balanced against the price we are willing to pay to fill that want.

Health care is unique in that it is an insatiable need of humans. Our most basic instinct is that of survival, and all of us are benefited to that end by health care. The paradox occurs because we all must in fact die at some point. At that point, the health care that would have saved us is either unobtainable for cost reasons or not yet invented. And so our most basic need is unmet at some point in our lives, and though we want to continue to live, we die. While this is not news to anyone, the human desire to live a longer, healthier life is the market-driver in a free health care system.

The market becomes, then, one of an insatiable need: the need to continue living that can never be met. Certainly it can for a while, but the end is never averted. Considering the progress of medicine, imagine a test, performable early in life, that could accurately predict if, when, and where cancer would form in the human body. That knowledge might be worth ten, twenty, thirty years of life, but what's it worth in dollars and cents to the average person? Imagine, then, the life-threatening disease. How much is the treatment worth to the afflicted?

It becomes easy to see that under such a free system, where people are free to decide what care they receive, costs will continue to increase to support more complex tests, procedures, and medicines, which in the end will likely extend life and improve both health and quality of living. But those costs will continue to increase until as a whole, consumers concede that additional quality of care -- i.e., length of life -- is no longer worth the cost. In this way, free-market medicine will always have or evolve to have both superior quality and nearly unbearable price wherever it exists.

This situation of prices ballooning to just shy of the truly unbearable is certainly not desirable, but unfortunately, only one alternative exists to this mode of thinking. Since the crisis of cost is driven by individual decisions to purchase and stop purchasing care, the only way to keep costs down is to allow a third party, someone willing to spend less, control over when to purchase and stop purchasing health care for the masses.

All further debate on the topic is essentially trying to paint the argument in different colors. Nothing changes those underlying truths. Cutting profits to drug companies equates to fewer new medicines developed. Fixing prices to doctors equates to longer lines and less individual attention. Government option insurance equates to government rules on covered and non-covered treatment. Which side does that radical, new, expensive treatment fall on? I'm sure it depends on its cost-benefit analysis, which the bureaucrats will get around to publishing to the appropriate board sometime, someday. The fact that it may be someone's best chance of survival is not a "need" of the state -- perhaps a vague want, if the affected person votes and/or pays taxes.

In the months to come, I am sure that the debate will pick back up, and the discussion of cost is likely to come out again. Once again, I am certain that the system in place has a number of inefficiencies, and vast improvements could likely be made which would reduce the overall costs of the existing treatments. I personally would like to see some reform which allows more cost visibility to the consumer so that when my doctor recommends a test, I'm not surprised to see a bill for $500 for what I thought was routine and simple. It might prime the question, "How bad do I need this?"

Many other areas in our system could be reformed without making government a de facto rationer of care. And if something inspired manages to make its way from the legislature into law, then we might see a reduction in cost for a while until that desire, that need, to live catches back up with us. In the end, though, it becomes a very personal question, and at some point, it will no longer be hypothetical -- it will be ourselves and those we love. The choice again is before us. You can make the call on how much care and for how long, or you can let a statistician with a mandate to save money make the call for you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm not dead, nor have I been drug away for re-education; Still alive and well albeit busy. I have been working on a larger project on the origins of tyranny in a consenting society and the grounding philosophies that allow a popular rise of tyranny, but that work is still only a glimmer of research.

But in the interim I am working on a new work on health care which will hopefully be available to all four of you sometime this week or early next.