Friday, April 10, 2009

Divide and Conquer.

The singling out of any predominantly peaceful group for their political beliefs, and based on the actions of the extremist few, characterizing the whole group as a threat or enemy of the nation, is wrong. It was wrong when Pol Pot did so to the Buddhist monks, Muslims, and educated; It was wrong when Che and Fidel did so to the proponents of democracy; It was wrong when McCarthy did so to the communists; It was wrong when Spiro Agnew did so to the hippies. And it is wrong today to do so to libertarians. To follow such conduct is to re-walk the darkest paths in human history, paths blazed by man's most oppressive totalitarian regimes; following in the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao

Primus Libertas; Postpono Libertas:

Primus Libertas;
Postpono Libertas:

The first freedom of every human is freedom of the mind, the great free will. Essential to this is education. Mankind must accept education as an individual responsibility. Turning over the responsibility for your personal education to another is to surrender your free will. By controlling what you can learn, others control you as neatly as a shepherd herds sheep. If mankind cannot accept the personal responsibility for self education, then I am wrong and mankind deserves to be treated as sheep, both shorn and slaughtered, while in the interim herded by a few smart dogs that lick the shepherd’s hands.

The second freedom of every human is to rise up against oppression, whether it comes from the lowly hands of a common thief or from the high hands of the so called sovereigns.

All of the other great gifts of freedom start here, the headwaters of liberty.