Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Blog?

I personally think that we are entering into another dangerous period of human history. A few have existed in the past; where much the progress mankind has made toward becoming an enlightened and free species stands to be set back by centuries if not millennia. Mankind since he has been able to reason has imagined a state of being of absolute harmony; a place where none suffer, all provide, each has a share, a proportional piece of the proverbial pie, which is not so large as to be a detriment to our wonderful planet; A place were mankind has forgotten his will to dominate and acts as a trustworthy and capable shepherd of the great planet God has given us. But we are not in Utopia, men are not angels and their will to dominate is alive and well, we are here in the real world with only aspirations of such philosophical perfection.
Many have theories on how to achieve this state of perfection, certainly Marx had his, Alinsky had a similar but slightly different route; let us not forget More who put the word in the common language, or the early grates of Plato and Aristotle, who first tried to conceptualize what it might be.
I have my own opinions, more a belief. It is man's nature to dominate those around him which is the true bar to a better civilization. For those of us content with some piece of that pie, who definitely, while possibly dreaming of more, will put stiff limits on what means we are willing to use to get more, the ideals of the megalomaniacs seem distant. But it is this desire for one person to dominate another, which ultimately dooms our society to vast inequities. I believe in order for man to overcome his domineering tendencies and progress he must exist in a state of free mind and relative free action and ultimate responsibility for his own decisions. As more responsibility is added to the individual, his relative world view grows, much as a tree spreads its limbs and roots. Control acts like a pot, perhaps necessary for immediate care, but ultimately stunting growth.
The problem in society is that those with strong desires for control move their way into positions of control, in one of three established entities which all would enslave man if they could. The Government, The Church, and The Corporation. A manifest of modern society, they vie for control of the modern human. Mankind is the most free when the three are kept with their power at the minimum necessary to affect their purpose. The Corporation bribes us with money and products to allow it more power, the Government promises greater safety and security for more power, The Church promises to save our soul for power. But all three have their purpose, Government is to protect our rights, Corporations organize means to efficiently produce, The Church acts as a guide to a moral understanding of ABSOLUTE RIGHT AND WRONG.
If one branch manages to usurp the functions of one or both of its rivals, the results are dystopia. Strangely in this little game it is still we the people who hold the lion share of the power and capability to determine divisions of power. So we listen to the Church talk of corporate sins, and government control of worship; We listen to corporations tell us about how government controls fetter them and that the real god is money; Last we listen to government tell us how they can save us from the evil hands of those dastardly corporations who care not for anything other than money, or the church shoving its morality down the throats of others.
And it is for us to balance the power of these entities for as long as they are needed, to keep us as free as possible so that we can grow. Recently, the last 25 years or so, there has been a movement. A belief that government, with its guns and laws, could somehow short circuit our trip to Utopia if we would only hand ultimate power over church and corporation, and ultimately ourselves to them. Somehow we forget the character of those who govern and their usual lust for power and domination and accept their words that it is they, not us, who will build a better tomorrow. And so I have sat by and watched country after country walk down that road of government domination. Their citizens regress to a dependent state, willingly handing over their toil to government masters, to get their stipend of benefits, at the loss of dreams and liberty. Socialism is feudalism with a bad health plan. I thought that we here the United States could stand against that tide and show the world they are on the wrong road, and again they would follow us. Sadly I was wrong. The thinking that there needs to be an upper class of leadership which herds the sheep around, feeds them, shears them, and eventually slaughters them is too pervasive. To many are willing to give up their cares to others along with their freedom; not seeing that an all powerful government is the first and foremost concept of dystopia.
We cannot reach perfection in civilization by taking shortcuts. As we try we are set back from our ultimate goals, as these deviant paths lead us astray. IF Utopia can be reached, it must be reached in the human heart. A heart that no longer wishes to take more than it is due or dominate other humans. Our hearts cannot grow like this they only shrink to be spoiled children who feel entitlement rather than responsibility. In short we cannot trust the perfection of civilization to any power mongering entity, we must do it ourselves without their “help”.
My deep concern is that, we, the United States, have again, though abandoning it in the past, started down that road. It is now, we need every voice of reason to say STOP. The blogosphere represents an open forum where I and others may have a voice, perhaps sway opinions, and put us back on the right road; before we find ourselves too far down the wrong one wondering where our freedoms and dreams have gone.