Saturday, November 22, 2008

Officially Returning to the Republican Party

Many of us left the GOP in recent years, feeling as though we were left out in the cold. I think we are all aware of recent events which have spurred my renewed interest in the Grand Old Party, however, I think that first I need to reflect on why some of us left.
After the Civil War the Republican and Democrat parties, both of which had underpinnings in Jefferson's Republican-Democrat party, went through a state of confusion, where the message and vision of each party became unclear. The Democrat's emerged first in the 1930's when FDR set the vision of the new Democratic party on socialism. Republicans remained listless and directionless in moderate opposition. The result of our lack of vision? A 50 year march into the vast sea of socialism and federalism. At the end it was a question whether the Soviet Union would defeat a battered and destroyed economic system, or whether we would just join them as a Communist nation.
It was in this dark hour when all hope seemed lost that the Republican Party found a voice, a purpose, a direction, and a vision. I saw Reagan turn the tide, and put the hope of freedom and prosperity into the hearts of American's. But as suddenly as his message came it also left. Our GOP reverted to its moderate ways, and lost its ideology. Many of us, saw the descent, and listened to powerful party members tell us we had to move on from Reagan, that the Republican party did not want us any more. We watched government expansion grow uncontrolled, worse yet headed by our own party. And we left. The Republicans became the fiscal conservatives presiding over a 400 Billion dollar deficit; the freedom party spying on US Citizens, and the limited government party with 3 Trillion Dollars in government spending. We didn't move on we moved backwards. So now it is 1976 again, and we ran a moderate Gerald Ford, should we now be surprised the American People elected Jimmy Carter?
So why have I returned? It is 1976 again, the wolf is at the door again, and we are faced with what might be grave damage to American freedom and the American way of life. I saw the tide turn in my lifetime, and I am ready to fight to turn it again. Moreover, the Federalist ideals of government dominance have infected every political party, and eroded our freedoms; simply put: The line must be drawn here! This far! NO FARTHER! Every freedom loving American needs to join this fight such that the Gallant Old Party might regain its vision, find its direction, and steer us back on the course of freedom! It is 1976 again if we cannot put Jefferson back on the ticket I don't want to think what things will look like in 1984. So I am here ready to lead and follow the cause of freedom in these United States of America